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I never thought I would have to face a situation like I did 4 months ago, January 2021 was truly the worst month of my entire life and re-living it daily is horrible.

I left for a New Years trip to Gatlinburg with some of my closest friends on the 28th of December and had the absolute best time with everyone. We all obviously tried our best to stay safe in what was called the “COVID crockpot” of the US, but whether that attempt to stay safe was successful or not is something else I deliberate over every day.


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Millennials are very often associated with “shaking up” many things and have recently been associated with leaving religion entirely, but what has caused them to do so?

Millennials, which is anyone born between the years 1980 and 1999 (according to the United States Chamber Foundation), are starting to turn away from religion for many reasons. With most seemingly returning to a certain religion after having time to settle down with a job and/or settle down with a family. But some are just not returning at all, even with or without any correlating characteristic and/or catalyst causing them to return.


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There is no doubt that the recent novel Coronavirus outbreak is affecting many communities nationwide, but it is also affecting holidays and celebrations many religions hold that are revered.

Easter, being the celebration that many Abrahamic religions hold to celebrate the resurrection of Christ after being crucified, has found itself without a formal in-person celebration as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and many stay at home mandates from local or state governments. …

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The word “evangelical” has many meanings and it can vary depending on who is asked; but if it has changed, why?

The word “evangelical” refers to anyone or anything that is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, ranging from people to organizations such as the Billie Graham Evangelistic Association. But the word truly originated in its Grecian root word in the New Testament describing those involved in the movement spreading the good news, in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the violent Romans who also spread “good news” about their militaristic victories.

Zac Langer, pastor…

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The idea of prosperity gospel has existed for hundreds of years and has recently captivated the attention of southern churches, where “traditional churches” are the dominant base in the region.

Prosperity gospel/feel-good gospel, by definition, has been described as a “modern” telling of the gospel or in the case of ones against it, a perversion of the gospel meant to only preach the goodness of the Christian religion or the perversion of the teachings of Christ.

While attendees of “prosperity gospel” churches only make up about 17% of overall churchgoers according to a TIME magazine study, college students and white…

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I literally look forward to award season every single year, especially the Academy Awards. As a cinephile, it’s my Super Bowl. Not that I don’t watch the Super Bowl (go Chiefs).

This year's nominees are absolutely no laughing matter, the strength of every category is staggeringly huge. Not to mention Todd Philips’ “Joker,” snatching up 11 nominations!

I’m not going to discuss every category because 1) that would take forever, 2) I know all you “TLDR” people would leave me high and dry; please don’t :(. …

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“Introverted journalist,” seems kinda oxymoronic right?

In journalism, if you are a writer, you (most of the time) must go out into the world to grab interviews that will help build the strength of your article.

With myself being a pretty big introvert and being a journalist, it can be a big struggle. With worrying about what the person thinks about me (trying to fix that) or worrying if I’ll trip up when trying to speak to the person I’m interviewing; it’s a big ole struggle.

But I’m not here to dwell in my struggles, but share to others the…

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University of Alabama student, journalist, first of his name. Writer of politics, movies, video games, and religion.

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